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MySQL/PHP Database Applications

Ini satu lagi koleksi ebooksaya tentang PHP dan MySQL yang akan saya bagi-bagi buat anda secara gratis, walaupun berbahasa inggris. Kalau ada yang tertarik silahkan downlaod aja langsung.
Part I: Using MySQL

Before you code any PHP scripts, you will need to know how to design a database, create tables in your database, and get the information you want from the database. Part I of this book will show you about all you need to know to work with MySQL.

Part II: Using PHP

As an applications developer, the bulk of your time will be spent writing scripts that access the database and present HTML to a user’s browser. Part II will start by showing you the basics of the PHP scripting language, covering how PHP works with variables, conditions, and control structures. Part II will also cover many of PHP’s functions and discuss techniques for writing clean, manageable code.

Part III: Simple Applications

In this part, we present two of the seven applications in this book: a guestbook and a survey. Here you will see the lessons from Parts I and II put into practice as we build working applications.

Part IV: Not So Simple Applications

Here the applications will be more complex, as we present applications commonly used on the Web. You will see how you can design a content management system, a discussion board, a shopping cart, and other useful applications. Along the way, we will show some tips and techniques that should be helpful as you write your


Part V: Appendixes

The appendixes cover several topics of interest to the MySQL/PHP developer. In the appendixes, you will find installation and configuration instructions, quick reference guides to PHP and MySQL functions, a regular expressions overview, and guides to MySQL administration.

MySQL/PHP Database Applications Affordable Open Source Solutions to E-Commerce Challenges In this unique guide, two Web development gurus show you how to harness the open source power of MySQL and PHP – and create high- performance Web database applications that won’t break the bank. Using plenty of ready-to-run code and seven concrete examples — from a simple guestbook to a not-so-simple shopping cart — they walk you step-by-step through the process of building a MySQL database and writing real-world PHP applications. Create High-Performance Database Applications for the Web
  • Find out what MySQL offers and doesn’t
  • Get up to speed on normal forms and other MySQL basics
  • Build MySQL tables with Structured Query Language
  • Extract database information with MySQL selects and functions
  • Work with PHP variables, control structures, and functions
  • Get tips on writing good code and using object-oriented techniques
  • Create simple applications: a guestbook and a survey
  • Develop more sophisticated applications: a catalog, a content manager, a threaded discussion, a problem tracking system, and a shopping cart
  • Discover helpful appendixes on HTML forms, MySQL utilities, PHP functions, and more

Download : MySQL/PHP Database Applications

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